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Code: ZTATL141157

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Alcatel Origin Black Cordless Handset Phone - Reversed Backlit LCD, Backlit Keypad, Visual Call Indicator, 50 name and number directory , Retail Box , 1 year warranty 
Product Overview:
Pop Art lovers will appreciate the Alcatel Origin POP. With its new colorful design, Origin POP has a strong personality and will fit perfectly the best designed interiors. Its retro look and glossy finish are not its only qualities. This cordless phone offers a wide range of features. The backlit display on the handset is really easy to read, while the hands-free function makes it fun to share calls. Origin POP is also equipped with a 50 name and number phonebook that makes it easy to call your favorite contacts and an incoming calls list to monitor your missed calls. 
• Cordless retro phone
• Incoming calls visual indicator
• High quality handsfree function to share your conversations
• Backlighted display
• 50 name and number directory to easily contact your
• favourite correspondents
• Detailed call log to check missed calls
• Product Code: ZTATL141157
• Description: Alcatel Origin Black Cordless Phone
• Reversed backlit LCD
• Date and time or handset name displayed in standby mode
• Call duration display

• Earpiece volume levels
• Handset ringtones
• Ringtone types
• Ringtone volume levels
• Different ringtones for external / internal calls

• Handsfree function on handset
• Last number recall 10
• Automatic call answer / hang up
• Keypad lock
• Mute function
• Pre-dial
• Alarm function
• Handset search (paging)
• Incoming call lamp indicator
• Out-of-range visual indication
• Battery low warning tone and visual indication

Price: R 328.90
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Code: MB10-3AALXA1-1

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Alcatel MB10 One Touch Move Band, Retail Box, 1 year warranty.

• It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
• With this you will be able to accurately monitor your physical activity.
• Thus, the bracelet measures the steps made, calories burned and records the quality of sleep.
• Download the Moveband app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play, to make additional settings to set new goals and get notifications.
• Move Band is made of premium materials, with dirt and water resistance up to 1 m for 30 minutes.
• The battery lasts up to a week in stand-by and recharges quickly through the included cable.
• Discreet and modern,

• Product Code: MB10-3AALXA1-1
• Description: Alcatel MB10 One Touch Move Band
• Operating system: Free RTOS Nordic nRF51822
• Weight: 17g
• Dimension: 41.9x 14.2 x 10.3mm
• Wristband: TPU
• 4 LEDs
• Battery capacity: 40mAh 3.7V
• Charge Time: Less than 2 hours
• Standby Time: up to one week
Price: R 218.90
Includes VAT
Ships in 2 to 3 Working days

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