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Stock Code: 910-004861

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote (Wireless Presenter, USB, Magnify on Screen, Range 30 m) , Retail Box, 1 year Limit warranty

Price: R 4 598.85

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Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote (Wireless Presenter, USB, Magnify on Screen, Range 30 m) , Retail Box, 1 year Limit warranty.
Product Overview: 
A whole new standard in presentation control. Combining minimalist design with advanced functionality, it’s as effortless to use as it is impressive to wield. The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote makes presenting easier thanks to highly accurate gesture controls that respond to your every movement. Spotlight works wirelessly so you can navigate slides and video content from up to 30 metres away. And with three programmable buttons you can rewind, pause, and fast forward slides effortlessly.
An advanced pointer system lets you highlight and magnify to zoom in on areas on your slides – it's great for emphasising key points during your presentations. Use the highlight button to focus on a particular area that leaves the surrounding area in shade. Set your preferred pointer preferences using the Logitech presentation app. Give your Spotlight a full charge using a USB-C charging cable and enjoy up to three months of battery life. Or benefit from fast charging. A one-minute charge provides up to three hours of presenting time. A full charge takes just 60 minutes. The device vibrates and the battery indicator glows red when it needs to be recharged.
Stock Code: 910-003506

Logitech R700 Professional Wireless Presenter, Retail Box, 1 year Limit warranty

Price: R 1 033.85

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Logitech R700 Wireless Presenter Retail Box 1 year Limit warranty

Make your point,You’re in control

Product Overview
Get straight to the point and capture the attention of your audience with the Logitech Professional Presenter R700, Equipped with a bright and brilliant red laser, the wireless presentation remote control helps you to make your mark and pinpoint exactly what you need to on the screen. If you like to do the walking and talking around the room, the Logitech R700 features a 30 metre  range using 2.4GHz wireless technology, so you can explore different presentation techniques for a less formal, relaxed approach - if you go beyond this range, the wireless reception-indicator will notify you.

You'll be in complete control of your presentation content and slides at all times. The professional presentation accessory enables you to glide through each subject and talking point effortlessly with its highly responsive slideshow controls. You can be confident in knowing you've got the right tool in your hand to deliver a high-impact and effective speech, without any mishaps

In addition to all of the smooth-contoured function buttons and controls you need, the wireless presenter features a LCD display so you can keep track of how long you've been talking about one topic for, the status of the battery life and the wireless reception level. There's no need to clock watch, just glance down at the screen for reference when flicking through slides. Simplifying things even further, the presentation remote requires no software installation, all you need to do is plug in the wireless receiver into a USB port and you're ready to start the show.
The Logitech Professional Presenter R700 is your perfect co-presenter, assisting you from the very first slide to the last and helps you to keep everything under control


•Brilliant red laser pointer-Your audience will see exactly where you point.

•LCD display-Keep track of time, battery, and wireless reception with a glance or with silent, vibrating alerts. You remain focused on your presentation, not the clock.

•Up to 100-foot (30-meter) range-You’ll enjoy the freedom to move around the room and mingle with your audience for greater impact. A reception-level indicator ensures you don’t wander too far.

•Intuitive slideshow controls-Buttons are easy to find by touch. And the smooth contours feel great in your hand. You’ll be in control from the first slide to the last.

•Plug-and-play wireless receiver-There’s no software to install. Just plug the receiver into a USB port to begin. And when the show is over, you can store the receiver in the presenter.

•Product Description Logitech Professional Presenter R700
•Device type Remote Control
•Colour Black
•Buttons Built-in slideshow buttons
•Range 100-foot (30-meter)
•Wireless Technology 2.4GHz
•Display LCD display with timer, battery-power and reception-level indicator

System Requirements
•Windows® XP, Windows®, Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Windows® RT, USB port

Stock Code: 310-90015100

Genius Media Pointer 100 Smart 2.4 GHz Presenter, Retail Box , 1 year Limit warranty

Price: R 343.85

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Genius Media Pointer 100 Smart 2.4 GHz Presenter-Range Up to 10 metres , With a Red Laser Pointer , USB Pico Receiver , Retail Box , 1 year Limit warranty

Product Overview

The Genius Media Pointer 100 is an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless presenter, equipped with a laser pointer and a USB Pico receiver. It’s a handy-tool for a meeting, speech, teaching or training when you’re on a business trip. With the user- friendly design, it allows you to control your presentation efficiently.

For added convenience, the Pico receiver can be stored safely inside the presenter. The Media Pointer 100 features page up, page down, ESC/F5 function, blank page and laser beam function buttons. The presenter has a transmission range of up to 10 metres without interference. Plus, it's compatible with Windows and Mac OS as well.

-Wireless 2.4 GHz Technology
-Transmission Range Up to 10 metres
-Equipped with a Red Laser Pointer
-USB Pico Receiver Stores Inside Pointer
-User-Friendly Design - Just Point & Go
-Supports Page Up/Down & ESC/F5 Function
• Stock Code 310-90015100
• Description Genius Media Pointer 100 Smart 2.4 GHz Presenter
• Interface support: USB
• Wireless Support  2.4 GHz wireless technology
• Transmission Distance  Up 10 metres without interference 
• Receiver  Pico receiver (storable inside wireless pointer) 
• Laser Pointer  Yes (red laser) 
• Battery Type  AAA batteries x 2
• Function Buttons 
• Page Up /Page Down /ESC/F5 Function /Blank Screen /Laser Beam
• Dimensions: 105x38x18 mm
• Gift box size: 206x116x20 mm
• Weight: 157g

Package content:
 - Media Pointer 100
 - Pico receiver (storable)
 - two batteries, AAA- type
- user’s manual

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