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Code: 98804000

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Taurus Ontime Rapid Pressure Cooker 6/4L Retail Box 1 year warranty.
Product Overview: 
Taurus presents the Ontime Classic 6L+4L Pressure Cooker. The High quality Stainless Steel body has a 4 litre capacity and is suitable for all kinds of cuisine. It has a locking system by rotating the knob abnd comes with a valve pressure controller. It has cool touch handles making it easy to operate and move to the dinner table.
• 2 pressure levels for cooking
• Ergonomic bakelite handle with safety closure
• Stainless syeel design
• Lockable lid
• Dish washer safe
• 4l+6l 
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Code: SEPC01

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Salton Electric Pressure Cooker - SEPC01 - 6L capacity cooking pot, Reheat & Keep Warm modes, Easy-to-use touch button settings, 8 x multi-function menu’s,  Convenient water & food level indicators inside cooking pot, Preserves nutrients and promotes healthier eating, Built-in memory to resume cooking cycle after power outages, Countdown timer with digital LED display, Preset timer function – up to 24hour delay, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
It’s fairly likely that your mom has a Salton appliance that has been in her kitchen for years, a loved member of the family that has helped create many a delicious meal. Simple design and clever capabilities make this range a firm favourite across generations, with each appliance offering an affordable, reliable and long lasting solution to a specific kitchen need. A great electric pressure cooker that also has slow cook and steam functions. Easy to clean with the non stick inner pot and and a simple control panel make this product very user friendly.
Pressure Cooker has 5 different functions, including:
  • Pressure cooking – High and Low settings
  • Brown – High heat for browning meat and vegetables
  • Slow Cook – Use the pressure cooker as a traditional slow cooker
  • Steam – Use the included stainless steel trivet to steam vegetables, fish and more
  • Warm – Keep food hot using the warm function
The lid of the pressure cooker has a silicone gasket seal and the pressure valve. Once locked in place, it creates a strong seal, perfect for creating the pressure in the cooker.
The pressure regulator on the lid has 3 settings. If you are using the pressure cooking setting, then the regulator needs to be set for pressure.
Electric pressure cookers are easy to operate during the whole cooking process, there is no need to check on it. It builds up to pressure, and cooks the allotted time. Once that is done, the machine beeps and the pressure slowly begins to release naturally. This can take 10 minutes or so, but it can also be sped up by slowly turning the pressure regulator to release the steam and pressure.
Features :

•6L capacity cooking pot
•8 x multi-function menu’s: Rice, Fish, Baby Cereals, Cake, Meat/Chicken, Soup, Tendon/Bean & Congee
•Reheat & Keep Warm modes
•Easy-to-use touch button settings
•Perfect for stews, soups, chicken, fish, beans & rice
•Preset timer function – up to 24hour delay
•Countdown timer with digital LED display
•Advanced structural and technical design for your safety assurance
•Cool touch handles on top and sides
•No mess, no fuss water collector
•Non-stick removable cooking pot for easy cleaning (suitable for dishwasher)
•Convenient water & food level indicators inside cooking pot
•Built-in memory to resume cooking cycle after power outages
•Measuring cup, spoon and drip cup included
•Elegant black and stainless steel construction
•Preserves nutrients and promotes healthier eating
•Energy Efficient – save up to 45% of power compared to other cooking method
Price: R 922.90
Includes VAT
Ships in 2 to 3 Working days

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